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beethoven & Schoenfield

Tuesday, january 22, 2019

University Women’s Club of Vancouver



For the first concert of the new year, cellist Lee Duckles is joined by pianist Monica Pfau and violinist Christine Choi in an exquisite morning of chamber music, featuring music by Beethoven and Schoenfield.

While the Opus 1, No. 1 trio was not technically the first piece published by Beethoven, it is the product of the work Beethoven undertook to introduce his style of composition to the Viennese public. His Piano Trio in E-flat Major is one of his most popular works for piano trio.

Also featured on the program is Paul Schoenfield’s popular Café Music. He writes: “The idea to compose Café Music first came to me in 1985 after sitting in one night for the pianist at Murray’s Restaurant in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Murray’s employs a house trio which plays entertaining dinner music in a wide variety of styles. My intention was to write a kind of high-class dinner music — music which could be played at a restaurant, but might also (just barely) find its way into a concert hall. The work draws on many of the types of music played by the trio at Murray’s. For example, early 20th century American, Viennese, light classical, gypsy, and Broadway styles are all represented.“